8 Days Rwanda

The best tourism destination of Rwanda; the Akagera NP for peerless savannah specialties as Rhinos, Giraffe, crocodiles, lions amidst the acacia dominated rolling hills; Nyungwe in the SW Rwanda is an afro-montane forest famous home to great variety of primates important of all is man’s closest relative the Chimps to the world class gorilla tracking experience in the Virunga, Volcanoes NP; to be amazed by the sheer size of these gentle giants as your sit amidst them more so when you realize that there are about 1000 of them left in the world. Through the beautiful and Africa’s cleanest city to Kanombe Airport for your departure.



Day 1

Arrival Kanombe Airport - Kigali

On arrival, you will be met by Pearl Eco-Safaris staff at Kanombe Airport in Kigali; he will help you with your luggage to the car and drive you to your hotel. After check in, he will brief you about Rwanda, your travel itinerary, culture and all other important information.

  • Arrival
  • Drive to your hotel
  • Check in to your hotel
  • Dinner and overnight at your hotel

Day 2

Drive to Akagera NP and afternoon Game drive

After breakfast drive to the east of Rwanda, after 4 hours arrive at the national park gate, Akagera NP. Drive to the park office handle the bureaucracy and drive to your hotel; check in, relax and do an evening game drive.

Akagera NP covers 2500 sq Kms East of Rwanda of a savannah landscape dominated by tangled acacia woodland intercepted by open grass lands. The park is graced with remarkable herds of Elephants, Buffaloes while the elusive leopards and graceful lions and noisy hyenas are regular sights. Its wonderful grass land is haunted by the giraffe and zebra while the park enjoys a checklist of over a dozen species including the predominant Impala, oribi, the secretive bush buck, the rare Tsessebe and the Eland; the largest antelope.

  • Early morning breakfast
  • Lunch at your hotel at Akagera
  • Check in to your hotel
  • Evening game drive
  • Dinner and overnight at your hotel

Day 3

Full day Game Drive (Akagera NP)

After breakfast drive to the northern part of the park for a full day game drive; north Akagera is famous for great sightings of the Giraffe, Rhinos, lions among others. with a packed lunch enjoy the rolling hills and acacia trees dominated habitat to retreat back to your hotel in the evening rather tiered but with great memories.

  • Early morning breakfast
  • Full day game drive
  • Packed lunch
  • Dinner and overnight at your hotel

Day 4

Drive to Nyungwe Forest NP

After breakfast drive SW to Nyungwe Forest National Park via the traditional palace of Rwanda’s Former King in Nyanza, Botanical Gardens, a cultural museum, green fields of tea scattered across the hillsides and the small wooden houses unique to the areas surrounding Nyungwe Forest.

In Mwanza 88 km from Kigali is the Roya palace traditionally build; offering a detailed insight into the tradition of the Rwanda monarchy, in its 19th Century state of art traditional material. It is coupled with the royal burial grounds at Mwima and Gicada and a mockup of the traditional thatch house of kings

Nyungwe NP is located in SW Rwanda, it was established in 1933, covering 1030 sq kms in the Albertine rift. It is an ancient Mountain that date back to the Ice Age.  This testified to its rich flora diversity of more than 200 species of trees, over 13 species of primates, including the chimpanzee, the handsome L’Hoest’s monkey and hundreds of the delightfully acrobatic Angola Columbus. The park lies in the Albertine species endemic area with a bird checklist of over 300 species with an avian highlight of the great blue turaco. Nyungwe is a major water catchment for the Republic of Rwanda.

  • Early morning breakfast
  • Drive to Nyungwe, 8 hours
  • Lunch en-route
  • Check in to your hotel
  • Dinner and overnight to your hotel

Day 5

Chimp tracking and Canopy walk (Nyungwe Forest)

After breakfast go for chimp tracking in the largest forest in Central Africa, watch out for an array of butterflies and the acrobatic primates like the canopy dwelling black and white Columbus monkeys.  In the afternoon go for a canopy walk; walk on top of the forest as you enjoy a panoramic view of the forest.

  • Early morning breakfast
  • Chimpanzee tracking
  • Packed lunch
  • Canopy walk
  • Drive to the hotel
  • Dinner and overnight your hotel

Day 6

Drive to Ruhengeri

After breakfast drive to Ruhengeri, Ruhengeri town is set at the base of solidified lava flow revealing a fascinating relic of the volcanic activity that could have led to the formation of the lakes of Burera, Ruhondo and Karago. It is the biggest town near Volcanoes NP and home to Dianne Fossy museum.  Get insights about the gorillas; species, life style and habitat. Learn about the lady that committed her life to these gentle giants and how she was unluckily killed.

Volcano NP described by Dian Fossey as an area you shiver than sweat is located in NW Rwanda, an old volcano of green rain forest protecting the virunga mountain range that is about 15000 feet high, comprising of five volcano peaks; Karisimbi 4,507m, Bisoke 3,711m, Muhabura 4,127m, Gahinga 3,474m and Sabyinyo 3,634m. its rich montane ecosystems of evergreen bamboo forest, open grass land, swamp and heath is home to the rare mountain gorilla and golden monkeys.

  • Early morning breakfast
  • Drive to Ruhengeri, 6 hours
  • Lunch en-route
  • Visit Dianne Fossy museum
  • Dinner and overnight at your hotel

Day 7

Gorilla Tracking

After breakfast drive to Kinigi Park Office, arrive there before 7 Am; have briefing, get a gorilla group and with your ranger in a group of maximum 8 tourists start the tracking to be amazed by the sheer size of these gentle giants as you realize that there are only about 1000 left; their biggest threat being habitat loss.

The parks exhilarating trekking, experience you to the cultivated foothills, stirring views of the mysterious intimacy of the rainforest, the calls of colorful birds and chattering of the rare golden monkey. While the elusive populations of buffalo and elephant are regularly heard spurring in the forest and through the forest canopy gaps, you may glimpse at the magnificent mountain peaks of the Virunga volcanoes.

  • Early morning breakfast
  • Gorilla tracking, 2 -6 hours
  • Packed lunch
  • Dinner and overnight at your hotel

Day 8

Drive to Kigali and Departure

After breakfast drive Kanombe Airport for your departure through the beautiful and Africa’s cleanest city – Kigali. visit the genocide museum, have lunch/ dinner before driving to Airport for your departure.


  • Morning breakfast
  • Drive to Kigali
  • Lunch in Kigali
  • Visit genocide memorial
  • Departure